Commitments/Where Are They Now?


ALL IN Lacrosse is proud of all of our athletes and their achievements, but we would like to take the time to celebrate those that have reached the next level.  It is an honor to work with athletes of this caliber, and we are grateful we can continue to help them achieve their goals.

Margeaux Adam – Colorado-Colorado Springs

Jonathon Anastos – Lafayette College

Kara Antonucci – University of Indianapolis

Peter Ashmore – Hobart & William Smith College

Tyler Baird – High Point University

Julie Ball – University of Richmond

Brett Bearrows – Kenyon College

Caraline Bekas – Occidental University

Caroline Behrens – Harvard University

Greer Bireley – Butler University

Meg Bireley – Marquette University

Gieriet Bowen – Boston College

Grace Bowen – Princeton University

Jacob Braunstein – Wesleyan University

Noah Braunstein – Wesleyan University

Dylan Bruno – Rochester Institute of Technology

Noah Bruno –  York College

Audrey Brett – Marquette University

Mick Burden – Bates College/The University of Richmond

Hannah Burgess – Yale University

Carolyn Byrd – Rockhurst University

Nate Carlton – Fairfield University

Emily Carothers – Trinity College

Zach Claiborne – Johns Hopkins University

Grace Clarke – Butler University

Griffin Cleary – Carthage College

Jenna Collignon – Yale University

Sydney Collignon – Denver University

Lauren Conduitt – University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Liv Conmy – Marquette University

Ben Connelly – Tufts University

Jack Connelly – Johns Hopkins/Providence College

Maddie Consadine – Villanova University

Dylan Curry – Monmouth University

Connor Ditomasso – Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Emily Doell – Butler University

Laine Dolan – Marquette University

Riley Dolan – College of Holy Cross

Maeve Dooley – Marquette University

Jane Durkin – Central Michigan University

Brennan Dwyer – Northwestern University

Patrick Eilers – Notre Dame University

Gracyn Elliot – University of Oregon

Maggie Farragher – University of Delaware

Fran Frieri – Notre Dame University

Jayne Gelman – Kenyon College

Janie Gion – Brown University

Katherine Gjertsen – Stanford University

Ben Gorman – John Carroll University

Maggie Gorman – American University

Sophie Grabowski – John Carroll University

Katie Haley – University of Colorado

Alaina Hamood – Pennsylvania State

Yasmain Hamood – Pennsylvania State

Joey Harris – Wooster College

Will Harris – Colorado College

Grace Hemmer – University of Michigan

James Hemmer – Williams College

Brynn Holohan – Arizona State University

Colleen Huffman – Yale University

Kathleen Hulseman – Fairfield University

Maggie Iglar – Denison University

Billy Jardeleza – St. Joseph’s University

Benn Johnston – Duke University

Cole Johnston – University of Maryland

Steen Jorgensen – DePauw University

Thomas Julcher – Wittenberg University/Ursinus College

Madison Kane – Marquette University

Kate Kaptrovsky – Butler University

Daphne Karahalios – USMA

Courtney Kaskey – University of Massachusetts

Lauren Katayama – UMass Lowell

Karly Keating – Northwestern University

Caroline Keil – Denver University

Sophia King – College of William and Mary

Audrey Kingdom – University of Colorado

Johanna Kingsfield – Northwestern University

Connor Koch – Gettysburg College

Kelsey Koch – Marquette University

Kyle Koch – Marquette University

Maddie Kosir – Central Michigan University

Kiley Kozak – Virginia Commonwealth University

Max Kraus – Roanoke College

Kyra LaMotte – Furman/Marquette University

Mary Larson – Butler University

Zoe Lawless – University of Colorado

Ellie Lazzaretto – Duke University

Luca Lazzaretto – Princeton University

Danni Leserve – University of Richmond

Will Maheras – Yale University

Claire McCain – University of Colorado Boulder

Taylor McGinnis – Lafayette College

Charlotte McGuire – Marquette University

Matt McShea – Brown University

Luma Medina – Stetson University

Kelly Melin – Tufts University

Matt Mirkovic – Hamilton College

Ollie Montgomery – Trinity University

Olivia Moorman – Central Michigan University

Maria Mulvihill – Marquette University

Audrey Napp – Slippery Rock

Alyssa Nilles – American University

Molly O’Brien – Marquette University

Conor Okmin – Boston University

Delaney Oliviera – American University

Brennan O’Malley – Villanova University

Patrick Reilly – Union College

Cheyne Repp – Denver University

Lauryn Repp – Denver University

Sabrina Rice – Denison University

Annie Richter – The Naval Academy

Sophia Rucker – Brown University

Anna Santulli – Stanford University

Chad Sawyer – Connecticut College

Mike Schiappa – Bucknell University

Henry Scherb – Tufts University

Tyler Schmarak – Colgate University

Megan Schulte – University of Michigan

Sam Selati – Yale University

Jake Selbst – Ithica College

Isabelle Sennett – Amherst College

Jesse Shapiro – Williams College

Jake Shenderovsky – Walsh University

Sarah Skidmore – Williams College

Alyce Smith – USMA

Caroline Smith – Butler University

Sophie Sorenson – University of Connecticut

Brooks South – Furman University

Maley Starr – Georgetown University

Preston Stolberg – Western New England College

Tate Stokesberry – Arizona State University

Kristiana Strtak – University of Vermont

Zach Struckman – Princeton University

Tace Sutherland – Bucknell University

Najee Taylor – Loyola University Maryland

Caroline Thompson –  Columbia University

Jenny Thompson – Coastal Carolina

Belle Tiesi – University of California Berkely

Emma Tomlinson – Tufts University

Laura Van Horn – Denison University

Jimmy Van Metre – UMASS Lowell University

McKenna Vranicar – University of California Berkeley

Caroline Witkowksi – University of Michigan

Macy Zaban – University of Florida

Olivia Zaban – Bucknell University

Marissa Zeno – Louisville University