Read what our clients and athletes are saying about us…

“ALL IN Lacrosse has helped me tremendously as a lacrosse player. It has allowed me to train at a high level with other like-minded, high caliber players who want to succeed. Coach Bundra’s instruction is world-class and he has helped me develop my game to not only reach the next level of playing lacrosse, but continue to grow and find success at that level as well. The smaller group training sessions allow more a more personalized approach suited to each players needs, and it makes things more competitive.”

– Conor Okmin (graduate of Stevenson high school, Boston University – class of 2018) 

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without ALL IN Lacrosse. Mark and the rest of the team have helped to improve all aspects of my game, and without them, I don’t think I would’ve reached my goal of playing division 1 lacrosse. Mark has constantly supported and believed in me. Throughout my recovery process, Mark was instrumental in getting me back on the field and regaining the confidence I needed to succeed.”

– Sam Selati (Yale University, 2018 National Champions, Class of 2020)

ALL IN has really become a second family to me, and there is no way I would be where I am today without them! The people at ALL IN have been with me from the very beginning of my lacrosse career, and through their positivity and passion for the game, have helped improve not only my lacrosse skills, but most importantly, my confidence. Recognizing my potential early, the coaches at ALL IN helped me maximize my talents to become a Division 1 player in just 3 short years. They are truly some of the best people around, and have played a bigger role in my life than any of them could imagine. I’m so thankful for everything ALL IN has done to help me accomplish my dreams!

– Caroline Thompson  (Columbia University, Class of 2020)

“ALL IN Lacrosse has helped me become the player I am today in many ways. They have sharpened every aspect of my game: defense, attack, shot, stick skills, and IQ. As a busy high schooler, I never really looked forward to taking hours out of my study time, but I ALWAYS looked forward to working with ALL IN. They always brighten up my day with the positive energy they bring to each practice and the competitive atmosphere they create. I looked at ALL IN as a stress reliever as well. If anything is ever going on in my life that I need to vent about, I can look to one of their coaches to alleviate my tense attitude. I can honestly say that ALL IN is one of the best programs I have ever been a part of, and I would suggest it to anyone that wants to bring their game to another level.”

– Yasmain Hamood (Penn St. Class of 2020)

“ALL IN has made me the player I am today. My first session with Mark Bundra was comical in hindsight, as I really could not catch or throw or shoot. I like to say Mark built my left hand from scratch because freshman year I had no idea how to catch or throw lefty at all. He helped me achieve higher levels of lacrosse at a rapid pace through intense stick work drills and pep talks that helped me improve my mental game. Confidence is so important and Mark taught me to not only trust my stick skills, but trust myself and my instincts on the field. ALL IN’s hard work and dedication to the success of each athlete they work with is unparalleled. They have been with me every step of the way from when I picked up a stick to my first big varsity game to the moment I decided to play in college”

-Hannah Burgess (Yale University, Class of 2020)

“Matt had a great year playing for Warren this year and it was quite evident that the time spent with you was well worth it!! I  really do think the time he spent working with you had a good deal to do with it.  Not only did he improve his lacrosse skills, he enjoyed working with you.  He came away a much more well-rounded player with greater stick skills, shooting skills, and overall confidence in the field.”

-David Boyle (son of Matt Boyle)

“Mark has played at the professional level and knows what it takes to prepare athletes for peak competition. ALL IN was crucial during my training for Major League Lacrosse and ensured I prepared both physically and technically to compete to the best of my ability.”

Jason Duboe (Boston Cannons)

“ALL IN Lacrosse has helped me stay sharp during the off season and prepared me to return to school a better lacrosse player. Over just one summer with Mark, I have seen my stick work, footwork and shooting improve to a new level, and I can tell the difference when it comes to season.”

Janie Gion (client of 5 years, graduated athlete at Brown University)

“Mark truly dedicates his time to making you a better all-around player.  Whether it is in the hour you are working with him or the boost you get during season when he calls you just to check in to see how  you are doing.”

– Laura Van Horn (client of 8 years; graduated athlete at Denison University)

“Mark Bundra has helped our daughter achieve her athletic goals in ways I never thought imaginable.  He has gone above and beyond to help her navigate her lacrosse journey through high school, college recruiting, and now, collegiate lacrosse. Mark is genuine and truly has a passion for helping out his athletes.”

Judy Leisher (client of 6 years and mother of Junior at McGill University)

“I owe every success I¹ve had in lacrosse to Mark.  I started working with him when I first began playing lacrosse in 8th grade.  I would be nowhere near the player that I am today without Mark.  He is incredibly knowledgeable in all facets of the game and teaches lacrosse very clearly.  He is one of my biggest role models on and off the field.  Quite simply, you won¹t meet many people as impressive as Mark Bundra.”  

Tyler Schmarak (client of 7 years; Junior at Colgate University)

“Mark has given me every tool I could have possibly imagined to help me excel in the world of lacrosse.  Whether it be helping me with emails to college coaches, my stick skills, or even my leadership ability, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Mark’s encouragement.  Mark helped me work from playing Junior Varsity, to starting on Varsity, and getting recruited to play in college next year. I don’t just view mark as a lacrosse coach, I view him as a friend and a mentor.  He is always there for advice when I need it.”

– Lizzie Meiselman (client of 6 years, graduated athlete at Denison University)

“ALL IN Lacrosse gave me the personal attention I needed to take my game to the next level.  They were able to pinpoint my style of play, and work on my weaknesses in order to improve my game and make me a stronger player.  Working with Mark one-on-one helped me really focus on what I needed to do, and gave me the determination I needed to become a more skillful, agile, and more confident lacrosse player.”

Hannah Geldermann (client of 4 years – graduated athlete at Middlebury College)

I have been playing lacrosse for seven years. Mark Bundra has been with me for five of them. After spending numerous years under his tutelage, I can honestly say that no one has improved my game more. We have worked on everything from the fundamentals of passing and catching to behind-the-back shooting and stick tricks. It is near impossible to find someone with comparable knowledge of the game and the experience he possesses.

“Besides having a firm grasp on the technical aspect of lacrosse, Mark is genuinely concerned about the advancement of the players he coaches. Every session, he comes motivated and ready to improve the skill level of his players. The intensity and passion he brings day in and day out is unparalleled. Mark is truly a fantastic coach who will positively make you a better player.” 

– Ryan Chestnut (client of 6 years; graduated senior at Loyola Academy, current sophomore at Notre Dame)

“Mark has worked with my son for several years.  He has instructed him in such a way that he continues to improve while still loving the game.  Mark is a wonderful role model both on and off the field.  As a parent, I couldn’t ask for a better example for my son, he challenges him while still making the lessons fun.  He is also able to show him how someone with integrity, respect and professionalism can achieve his goals.  He genuinely cares for his athletes and their success and takes the extra time to form a relationship that is solid and dependable.

– Kristin Julcher (client of 5 years, mother of current sophomore at Wittenberg University)